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If you have just opened your doors or are a well established business, a well designed insurance  portfolio can be critical for your success.  We help small to medium sized businesses make sure that their benefit programs as well as their business insurance are optimized for coverage and price.

If someone depends upon you financially, what would happen if you were unable to work for months or even years? Even you depend upon yourself financially. Coverage through work or from Social Security may not provide enough, if at all. Call us for an assessment.

Most people understand the value of life insurance when they have a young family. The need is less clear when you are young and single or after the kids have left the home. There are distinct advantages to having life insurance at almost every stage of life. Call us to find out more.


Your stuff

Health insurance is now mandatory and more complicated than ever. You may qualify for tax credit subsidies or cost sharing subsidies. Let us help you navigate all of your options. We also have coverage for temporary needs such as between jobs or traveling. We are also fully versed in your options as you qualify for Medicare.  

We all have stuff. A place to live, maybe a car and/or personal belongings, some that may be very dear to us. Bad things like fires, accidents and theft happen to our stuff. We help make sure that your stuff gets fixed or replaced when bad things happen. Call us to review your current coverage or to get you started with your own coverage.

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